Monday, March 13, 2017

8 Quick Tips for Practicing Your Fine Art Photography

Column Design, United States Post Office, Ft. Worth, Texas ©2017 Greg Kopriva

  1. Brainstorm passionate topics, messages that you wish to convey, subjects that you would like to photograph and techniques you would like to incorporate.
  2. Shoot pictures every day to develop your skills as a fine art photographer and to build your collection.
  3. Practice composition taking into account what makes a picture appealing and interesting.
  4. Be patient and persistent; develop your artistic skills by learning new skills and techniques.
  5. Add an artist statement as it helps the viewers figure out what the artist intended to create and how they created that work. Make this statement artistic too!
  6. Build or develop a technique for yourself as you will need to build a portfolio that has a coherent style.
  7. Bring your vision to life, do not worry about what others will think.
  8. Abstract your photograph; that doesn’t mean making your photograph unrecognizable, but to make it simple by removing unwanted details and keeping important information.
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